Georgia Tunesi

Artist Statement

Georgia Tunesi is a figurative painter based in Berkshire, UK. She recently graduated from Arts University Bournemouth with a BA(HONS) in Illustration and also a Foundation Art Degree specialising in Fine Art. She is intrigued by the human body and current world issues, such as, feminism, mental health, the environment and BLM. Her work displays a sensitivity and solitude within someone's quiet introspection. Usually the figures in her work seem distant or distracted as many of the faces are blurred and parts of the body obscured or disrupted. She finds having these elements in her work adds more of a narrative and creates texture and movement.

Her work looks at what it is like to be human, whether it be overthinking, anxiety, restlessness or self-reflection etc. With paintings that are still and calm or complete chaos of charcoal and busy brushstrokes. She creates tender moments using softer colours and more precise strokes of paint whilst being contrasted with bold mark making and rough textured paint layering to create a piece of work with variety and interest.The inner workings of someone’s mind and feelings are usually expressed in her work using fractured paint marks and disrupted line work. The figures and emotions taking on a much more physical approach. Humans are vastly complex and that is why she finds them forever fascinating.


The making of the work

I usually start out with a concept and a rough sketch on my canvas, then from there my work could go in any direction. I love how many possibilities there are and how many stages my work goes through until I call it finished. For me, the process is much more rewarding than a polished, perfected piece of work, which is why I keep a lot of the initial sketch showing through the paint in different areas. I like to have a constant flow of push and pull with my work as I put on and take off sections of paint in a variety of ways. I find that this helps me capture life and movement in my work and pushes the narrative of how imperfect life and people really are.


I always work from photographs I have edited. However, I never fully plan a painting as I find if I am strict with myself on what I can and cannot add I lose interest, I need to be able to experiment and get things wrong before I am able to finish the piece of work. I like to be playful and see how far I can push a painting as this keeps me excited and also allows me to find new techniques and ideas.



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"As a figurative painter, Georgia Tunesi is sensitively attuned to how the body moves and thinks in space. Her work deeply expresses this commitment, with subjects rendered in all their inconsistencies, bodily habits, and personalities. Layered and blurred elements set up a narrative path, whilst a muted colour palette of browns, pinks, and teals almost resembles washed up sea-glass. And if her figure’s eyes also seem glazed over, this is always a ruse. Never vacant, Tunesi hints at an anxiety always at risk of bubbling over the surface. We are perhaps reminded of a famous saying: “wherever you go, there you are”, as Tunesi’s loose brushwork brings her restless and introspective subjects to life." - New Blood Art